Time and motion

Welcome to timemotion.co.uk. This websites strives to explain what a time and motion study is and how it is conducted.
You will see that we offer a service to both, conduct time and motion studies on your behalf, from an independant point of view, or we can train your own staff, to be able to undertake their own time and motion studies.

 Time and motion.

Time and motion is the older term for what is now more commonly known as work study. Work study, as a subject covers all of the skills and tools required to measure and improve the way work is conducted. As a function, time and motion or work study, is invaluable as service to management as it will help:
Improve productivity, generate incentive schemes, highlight when over manning is occurring, control labour, give lead times for customers, efficient planning, calculate efficiencies, plant design, product design, waste reduction, balance lines to reduce bottlenecks and improve health and safety.
Work measurement and improvements can be applied to all work types, from heavy industry to high level management functions and everything in between.
The knowledge that work study gives, will provide the management of an organisation with the information required to make many important and informed decisions.
Beware however the sceptics. Many times have we heard that time and motion or work study is old fashioned - only to be told that continuous improvement is the way ahead. (And continuous improvement is??? - The study and improvement of work!)
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Time and motion techniques will explain the different methods of conducting work measurement and method studies.
Time and motion training will explain the various options for training your own personnel in work and method study.
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